Donat Mg® Moments

The right moments, the right effects.

Donat Mg® natural mineral water, with its unique composition, has a beneficial effect on human health, but it is important to drink it correctly. The Donat Mg® Moments mobile app is your personal health assistant which ensures that you drink Donat Mg® in the right way: at the right moments to achieve the right effects. The therapies in the app were designed by experts from Rogaška Medical Centre, where Donat Mg® has been successfully used to relieve health problems for centuries.

Achieve the right effects in just four steps.

Step 1: Settings

Select your language and enter your daily schedule. The reminders will be adjusted to your daily activities (waking up time, meals, etc.).

Step 2: Select the appropriate reason

Select your reason for drinking Donat Mg® from the list. Read the description and the effects you can achieve with the therapy, as well as its course.

Step 3: Set the date

You can start the therapy straight away or in a few days. Perhaps you need to stock up on Donat Mg® first.

Step 4: Follow the reminders

Depending on your therapy and daily schedule, you will receive gentle reminders to drink Donat Mg® natural mineral water.